Don Quixotte's return...the most expensive contemporary work of art in the world

Goals :

Build a fairer and more sustainable world and contribute to human progress. As for basic research, our purposes are subject to considerable uncertainties. This involves exploring unknown areas and accepting you may not even know whether what you have not found yet can serve tomorrow or not.

In order to make real improvements in the functioning of our societies and to ensure the maximum well-being for all living creatures, the collective will create a team of researchers, discoverers, intellectuals, artists and free thinkers. Every honest and free man is necessary to seek out, discover and explore absolutely every possible new organizational form that could be further applied to our communities. No revolution, no class struggle and even fewer borders, speculation, populism, demagoguery or simplistic solutions: just a plan for humanity.

Art, music, culture, sciences, research, agriculture, the moral uplift of humanity, the abandoning of competition for collaborative and caring citizen participation, and more generally every creative and generous act, are at the very heart of the association. Teaching and education are key factors to share, communicate and stimulate thought and discussion related to the explored topics.

Method :

Without denying the societal advances that are linked to the current global development, our intuition and heart are driving us to attempt to show, through an art medium (art is a universal symbol connecting people in time and space), that financial industrialization is a failure of historic proportions and is responsible for the violent destruction of the earth's resources and for the exploitation of the weakest. This mistake must be corrected if man wants to maintain a peaceful and balanced evolution of nature for all.

Means :

In order to make Awi an essential partner which makes its voice heard in the debates currently reserved for the powerful, a massive popular support for the project and substantial financial reserves are both necessary. The capital will be first supplied by selling each milligram from the sculpture "Don Quixotte". By involving themselves in the approach, the different purchasers will thus become co-owners of the world's most expensive work of art. Both a single man and a single milligram are insignificant, illustrating the inability to act alone.

76 million milligrams will be available for €26.5 each (incl. VAT).

As the work is meant for people, it will be presented to the general public according to the best forthcoming proposals

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